Incorrect Incident ID/synced data in SCOM if ServiceNow Instance Changed


After pointing a working Alert Sync instance at a different ServiceNow instance, my synced Incident data stored in SCOM from ServiceNow (such as Incident ID, Incident state and Configuration Item) is incorrect


As the Incident data on each SCOM Alert is updated when something on the Incident changes, SCOM knows of no reason to update these fields. As Alerts should be short-lived this will sort itself out over time, but the workaround for Alerts that require updating is as below

  1. Ensure Bidirectional sync is enabled in SCOM and that your ServiceNow Alert Sync app is set up to push updates to SCOM (default behavior)
  2. In SCOM, change the Resolution State of the Alert to another state that would force an update to be pushed through to ServiceNow (this is governed by your Internal Connector setup. More info on Internal Connectors)
  3. If the ServiceNow Incident Creation Rules setup are matched, a new Incident will be created for the Alert pushed to the new ServiceNow instance