Overview and System Requirements - Discovery

Cookdown Discovery allows you to populate your ServiceNow CMDB with the awesome wealth of SCOM data. It works by mapping SCOM object classes to ServiceNow CI classes through the creation of parameterized JSON payloads which, once run through the Cookdown Discovery engine, resulting in a payload for each SCOM object which is sent to ServiceNow’s Identification and Reconciliation engine which handles Configuration Item (CI) creation/updating.

The product is made up of two SCOM Management Packs:

  • Cookdown ServiceNow Connector - contains the Cookdown Discovery .net engine (and Cookdown Alert Sync product, which is licensed and sold separately from Cookdown Discovery)

  • Cookdown Licensing - handles licensing the product itself

There is no ServiceNow side app - CIs to be created/updated are pushed to ServiceNow’s standard Identification and Reconciliation API.

System Requirements

  • SCOM 2012 R2 or later

  • ServiceNow Kingston or later (including Orlando)

  • Direct internet connectivity between your SCOM Management Servers and ServiceNow (for accessing the Identification and Reconciliation API. This is a RESTful API and is typically on port 443 accessed via TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2)

  • A valid product license


SCOM stores credentials for the service account you create in ServiceNow for Cookdown Discovery's use and distributes these credentials securely to SCOM Management Servers of your choosing. This is done using SCOMs native RunAs accounts functionality, more info on how this works.

The ServiceNow service account needs permissions to the following:

  • CMDB write access (typically provided by the “ITIL” role)

  • REST endpoint access (typically provided by the “web_service_role” role)

Cookdown Discovery supports Basic authentication to ServiceNow only. All traffic is sent using your ServiceNow instance's default TLS/SSL config over HTTPS. More info.