Running Discoveries

Once you have set up your Discovery in SCOM, to run it, simply click the Discovery and click “Run Discovery”

Multiple discoveries can be selected at the same time.

Discoveries are run as SCOM Tasks so to see their status, go to the Monitoring pain > Task Status. A running discovery task looks like this:

A successful discovery looks like this:

When building payloads this task output is vital to troubleshooting as it tells you:

  • How many CIs were created/updated

  • SCOM Source class/ServiceNow CI Class destination

  • The SCOM Management Server the Discovery ran on

  • Any errors that were thrown

Failed Discoveries

This Discovery failed because Discovery Source “Bogus Discovery Source” has not been set up in my ServiceNow instance

This Discovery failed because the ServiceNow instance I tried to push CIs to is not currently licensed