Running Discoveries

Once you have set up your Discovery in SCOM, to run it, simply click the Discovery and click “Run Discovery”:

Multiple discoveries can be selected at the same time.

Discoveries are run as SCOM Tasks so to see their status, go to the Monitoring pain > Task Status. A running discovery task looks like this:

A successful discovery looks like this:

When building payloads this task output is vital to troubleshooting as it tells you:

  • How many CIs were created/updated

  • SCOM Source class/ServiceNow CI Class destination

  • The SCOM Management Server the Discovery ran on

  • Any errors that were thrown

Failed Discoveries

This Discovery failed because Discovery Source “Bogus Discovery Source” has not been set up in my ServiceNow instance:

This Discovery failed because the ServiceNow instance I tried to push CIs to is not currently licensed:

There are other, uncommon, failures or exit codes described in the following troubleshooting articles:

Discovery Task status is not Success or Failed on completion