Truncated fields in discovery payloads


When a discovered value is longer than the specified field allows in a configuration item it is truncated.

This usually occurs when there are limits set on the field in ServiceNow. For example, an asset tag in the following example is only allowed to be 40 chars long by default:


There are two workarounds for this issue

Option 1: Reduce the value

If possible we would suggest reducing the value pushed to ServiceNow in length. For example, using our RegEx functionality.

Option 2: Edit or extend that class

Warning: Changes of this nature will impact other discovery sources that currently push CIs into your CMDB for the class you are modifying. Such changes should not be made without careful consideration and planning.

If option 1 is genuinely not suitable, you could edit the definition to increase the limit or extend the class to add in a new attribute dedicated to this purpose.