Installation - Mapping

There are several pieces to set up, two SCOM Management Packs from Cookdown, a lightweight IIS web application, and a number of management packs (the number depends on whether you plan to use Squared Up’s dashboarding capabilities, or simply use the tool for Service Mapping).

Cookdown Management Packs

There are two Management Packs from Cookdown to be imported:

  • Cookdown Licensing - allows product licenses to be stored

  • Cookdown ServiceNow Connector - pushes SCOM objects into ServiceNow as CIs along with Business Services

Instructions for their installation and setup can be found here.


SquaredUp installation steps can be found here.

Additional Setup steps

In addition to setting up SquaredUp, the Cookdown ServiceNow Connector + Licensing MPs you will need to configure Identification and Reconciliation in ServiceNow to accept Application/Business Services by creating an Identification Rule and Identifier Entry for them. Full instructions on how to do this are here.