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Connection Center

Automate the creation of notifications and incidents from SCOM to a variety of different destinations

ServiceNow Connector

Alert Sync

Automate ServiceNow incident creation from SCOM alerts with Alert Sync


Populate your ServiceNow CMDB using your existing data from SCOM

Service Mapping

Join the dots between ServiceNow CIs and build Service Maps using your existing SCOM agent network

ServiceNow Monitoring

Monitor ServiceNow from SCOM and see what your end users see, getting deeper insights on performance issues and outages.

SCOM Essentials

Easy Tune

Tune a whole management pack in a matter of minutes

Community Catalog

Over 100 free Management Packs from the community - an app store for SCOM

Self Maintenance

Automate common SCOM administration tasks with the Self Maintenance Management Pack

Powershell Authoring

Author monitoring with PowerShell rather, no longer are you restricted to VB

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