Community Catalogue

Current Version:

From January 2021 you will need to ensure that you have at least version of the MP to be able to deal with upstream TLS 1.2 requirements.

After importing the Community MP Catalogue management pack, the Operations Manager console has a new section created under Administration with the title "Management Packs (Community)." Under this section, three additional views are available, each with specific functionality.

Discover Management Packs

Searching for a SCOM Management Pack? The Discover Management Packs pane provides a user interface for navigating through all Management Packs contained within the CMPC. The three methods below are available for filtering and searching through management packs.

  • Tags

  • Searching by text

  • Author

Installed Management Packs

This view quickly answers the question "Are my community management packs up-to-date?" Using a similar format to the standard Management Packs pane in SCOM, only packs from the CMPC are displayed.


The settings on this UI pane can enable or disable alerts for management pack updates.

Contributing to the Community MP Catalog

The best part! The Management Pack Catalog consists of packs from throughout the authoring community, to keep the catalog's collection full and updated, we need your help. The MPs included in the catalog cover a wide range, from simple sample packs, up to fully functional monitoring solutions, both free and paid MPs are included, from authors around the world. Find out how to add your awesome SCOM innovation to this thriving community.