Contributing to the MP Catalog

The best part! The Management Pack Catalog consists of packs from throughout the authoring community, to keep the catalog's collection full and updated, we need your help. The MPs included in the catalog cover a wide range, from simple sample packs, up to fully functional monitoring solutions, both free and paid MPs are included, from authors around the world.

The MPs included in the catalog are stored in a GitHub repository here: All of the below instructions relate to working with this repository.

No GitHub account and no time to create one?

  • No problem. Just email the MP and details to

  • This route depends on the moderators to review and make the necessary change, so it may take a little longer for your pack to appear in the catalog.

Already have a GitHub account or happy to create one?

  • Once logged in to GitHub there are a few options for contributing:

    1. Raise an issue with the MP details

    2. Make a pull request (PR) directly in GitHub's online interface

    3. The pro option - fork the repository and create a PR locally

      • This option is nicest for the moderators because you can run verification scripts before submitting your changes

      • Make changes in a local repo

Catalog Contents

The CMPC catalog consists of JSON structure files and is used to populate the views of the Catalog UI. Powered by git source control, the catalog is a community effort and can be improved by anyone.

Management Pack Index (Index.json)

The index.json file provides a list of community management packs that are present in the catalog. Both the CMPC UI and the updated pack monitor rely on this file to locate the details.json file for each pack. The specific structure of the Index and its settings have definitions at the Index.json wiki page.

Management Pack Details (details.json)

Consisting of a simple set of Key/Value pairs, the details.json file is the source of management pack details used to populate the CMPC UI. The specific keys and their purpose can be found at the details.json wiki page.

Additional Details (

While the details.json file provides essential data for the CMPC to operate; it does not provide a flexible method for an author to elaborate on the benefits and uses of the management pack. To provide a better user experience, authors and community members have the option of providing a markdown formatted file tilted within the MP's folder. This file displays within the SCOM Console under the 'Additional Details' expandable header.

Catalog Moderation

Sharing what the community has to offer is a major focus of the catalog, and it thrives from community feedback. GitHub offers very robust contribution opportunities through the git process, to benefit most from the community's contribution five moderators have volunteered to assist.

Meet the Moderators

  • Daniele Grandini

  • Martin Ehrnst

  • Nathan Foreman

  • Jan Pettersson

  • Shawn Williams