Discover new Management Packs

Discovering new Community Management Packs

The discovery view is designed to simplify the process of finding new community management packs. Searching can be broken out into 3 methods, each with its benefits.

Tag Filtering

Tags help to identify multiple packs with shared functionality easily. In the screenshot above you can see the selected 'cloud' tag has been highlighted blue, filtering the view to only those packs with that tag. Clicking an additional tag further filters the search, the second click on a highlighted tag removes it from the search.

String Searching

Nothing fancy here, it is as simple as it sounds. In the upper right, a simple text box allows you to search for partial string matches in the management packs.

Search by Author

Have a favorite author, on whose previous packs have been perfect for your environment? Clicking on the name of an author in the management pack row returns all packs from that author.