Managing Installed Management Packs

The Installed Packs view

Once you have navigated to the Installed Packs view you will see a display similar to the above image. This view only includes packs contained within the MP Catalog's content and which are currently installed in your SCOM Management Group. Included in the view are six pieces of information about the installed MP.


The display name of the Management Pack

Available Version

This value represents the version of the pack that is available from the catalog

Installed Version

In the same format as the available version, this value represents the MP currently in your management group.


A quickly readable, and sortable, column that indicates if the most recent version is installed in your environment.


The author who wrote the MP.


The location a new, or current version, of the MP, is located online. Right-clicking on a row allows you to launch a new browser window and navigate to the page.