Best Practices with Easy Tune

Managing SCOM alert tuning can be an overwhelming experience, but this best practices guide will help remove some of the common stresses

Create a new Management Pack to hold your overrides for each piece of tuning

Creating a new MP per piece of tuning (applying a level from a Tuning Pack to a group, for example, is a piece of tuning), ensures that in 6 months time when you come back to the tuning it is easy to understand what you have set up and what the setup tuning applies to

If you follow the defaults in the Easy Tune UI, Easy Tune will create a new MP for each new piece of tuning so this is taken care of for you.

Ensure override Management packs have a consistent naming convention

A consistent naming convention is a key to ensuring you remember what each of your override MPs relates to - there is nothing worse than staring at a list of poorly named management packs wondering what they are each for!

Again, if you access Easy Tune defaults this one is taken care of for you.

Create a tuning strategy/process

Have a consistent approach and strategy for managing your management group’s overrides -we would recommend on-boarding all existing overrides into Easy Tune using Easy Tune Enterprises ability to capture effective overrides from objects/groups for this, but really the important thing is that you use the same approach for all overrides. If you use Easy Tune for some of your overrides and the traditional approach for other overrides, it will be easy to lose track of what your intended effective tuning should look like and even easier to lose sight of what your effective tuning actually is!

Keep on top of effective override

knowing that the overrides you set are in effect is important in the long term to succeeding with alert tuning. Over time overrides that don't comply with your tuning strategy can easily sneak in under the radar and change your effective tuning without you even knowing they exist (especially a problem in environments with multiple SCOM admins) and it is easy to accidentally create conflicting tuning (which results in SCOM randomly picking one of the overrides and so varying results.

Easy Tune’s config drift feature can expose cases where your effective monitoring isn't the monitoring you had planned (it is in the free version, but is made a lot easier with better UI in the Enterprise version), so can help with this problem