Installing Easy Tune

The Easy Tune product is easily installed using the Management Packs pane within your SCOM environment.  An additional configuration step sets the network or local path for customizations.

Importing the Management Pack

Import Cookdown.EasyTune.<version>.mpb and Cookdown.Licensing-<version>.mpb (required from Easy Tune version as you would import any other SCOM management pack.  After the management pack has been imported it is recommended that you close and re-open the SCOM Console - until you do this you will find Easy Tune at the bottom of the administration pane.


In-place upgrades are supported for all versions of Easy Tune shipped publicly. When upgrading to version or later, please import the cookdown.licensing-<version>.mpb management pack before upgrade or upgrade will fail.

When upgrading to Easy Tune 2.0 or later from a 1.x version, please take note of the changes in entitlement in each version as documented on this page.

Upgrades from Easy Tune 1.x to 2.x are in place and only require the Cookdown licensing MP to be imported ahead of upgrading.

Setting the Tuning Pack Location

Once you’ve added the management pack and re-opened the SCOM console, navigate to the Administration section, expand the new "Easy Tune – Cookdown" and select "Tuning Packs".

Choose ‘Set Custom Store Folder’ to open the configuration dialog.

The center button allows you to browse for a destination folder location. We recommend you store your tuning packs on a network UNC path accessible from all locations you use the SCOM console as Easy Tune only knows about tuning made from tuning packs it can access within the SCOM console being used.  Once you’ve chosen the location, click ‘Save’ to save the setting.

NOTE: If the console is run with administrator permissions this location will be set for all users if not, it is set for the current user only.