Create Tuning Packs

Create Tuning Packs

If you don’t want to start from a community curated Tuning Pack you can create your own just as easily. Creating your own allows you to create Tuning Pack CSVs from a source of your choice (Management Packs, Specific Objects or a Class). While you could start from scratch in a blank CSV file, creating Tuning Packs from within Easy Tune will populate the CSV file with the workflows to be overridden, the MP Default level and the Discovery Only level and the specific override properties set.

Creating Tuning Packs from your management group in this way will allow you to export your existing Overrides. This can be very useful when wanting to migrate management group or apply exiting tuning to additional targets (EG a newly created group).

Note that some of the functionality described here is only available in Easy Tune PRO.

Create Tuning Pack from Management Pack(s)

Doing this takes all of the Rules, Monitors, and Discoveries, from the selected management pack(s) and creates a Tuning Pack, which can be used to set overrides for multiple workflows in one Level easily.

To do this:

  1. Select "Create Tuning Pack from Management Pack(s) from the Tuning Pack Administration Actions pane on the right hand side of Easy Tune.
  2. Add one or more MPs; all packs will be exported into a single CSV, then click Next.
  3. Set the Tuning Pack details, specifically the Tuning pack
    1. Name
    2. Dscription
    3. Author
    4. Storage location (will default to the Local Tuning Pack Store location)
  4. A windows explorer window will open and display the newly created CSV.

Capture Overrides from Group or Class

Do you have a group configured just the way you want, but want to apply that configuration to another group or Management Group (especially useful when migrating between Management Groups during upgrades)?  Possibly making some small adjustment from the first group? 

Do you have a Class configured just the way you want, but are in the middle of Management Group migration and want to apply that same configuration to another Management Group or tweak it for a similar class?  The functionality to capture overrides from a Class aims to solve this.

Then you need Easy Tune PRO which includes this functionality.