Tuning SCOM Overrides

One of the key features of Easy Tune is the simplicity of Tuning Packs, as they are stored in CSV so are easy and intuitive to edit and share. To set overrides for workflows, their properties for each level, use Excel, or your favorite spreadsheet program. Simply remove workflows you do not wish to tune and set properties /levels as desired in the CSV.

Levels from Tuning Packs can be applied directly from the Community Store (a GitHub repro) or from those available in your local store.

If you are unfamiliar with the concepts used here such as Tuning Packs and Levels, the basic concepts are detailed here.

Applying Tuning

To apply tuning from a Tuning Pack, use the "Tuning Pack actions" pane in the top right-hand side of the screen in Tuning Packs

Managing Applied Tuning

Once you have applied tuning using Easy Tune we recommend you also manage it using Easy Tune as you will get a more complete picture into your overrides all in one place. The "Manage Tuning" option in the Tuning Pack Actions pane is used to remove tuning applied from a Tuning Pack. If you plan to change the applied tuning for the same target as tuning is currently applied to, first modify the Tuning Pack's CSV to setup the Tuning Pack Levels as desired, remove the currently applied Tuning via the Manage Tuning UI and applying a newly created/updated level.

While it is possible to remove applied overrides by deleting the management pack they are stored in, we recommend you manage all tuning using Easy Tune