Group Tuning

Tune a Group

Group targeted overrides are useful where you want to set different alert behavior for a specific group (or set of groups) from the Global level, for example, I want to know when my available memory dips below 10% for longer than 1 hr at a global level but want to know this much sooner for my production SQL servers.

We recommend ensuring that all groups used in tuning are in sealed management packs.
From v2.1.0.13 Easy Tune will place tuning from unsealed groups in the same management pack as the group.

This option allows a tuning level to be selected and targeted at a specific group. To tune a Group from a Tuning Pack:

  1. Select the Tuning pack to apply tuning from in the central pane

  2. Select "Tune a Group" from the Tuning Pack Actions pane

  3. Select a Group to target

  4. Select the desired tuning level from the drop-down. Note that Discovery Only and MP Defaults are available for all Tuning Packs, all other levels are custom specified in the Tuning Pack's CSV file

  5. If desired the Schedule tab is where you can utilize Time of Day overrides

  6. Select where the Overrides that Easy Tune will create are to be stored. While a custom location can be set, we recommend accepting the default, which will create a new Management Pack to hold the overrides which it will sensibly title and add the summary of the workflows tuned + override properties to the Knowledge tab of the new Management Pack

  7. Confirm the Overrides to be set and click finish

  8. Your overrides are now applied, you will see the main Tuning Packs pane reflect the tuning you just set up

If you have already set up group tuning and wish to apply additional tuning from the same Tuning Pack to another group you can do so via the Manage Tuning UI as well as by clicking "Tune a Group" as described above. The wizard process and steps are the same as above.