Problems accessing community tuning store starting in January 2021


When working with Easy Tune 1.x releases in an online environment tuning packs fail to load, using Easy Tune v2.0.0.246 you get notified that the connection to GitHub is unavailable and that you will be able to continue working offline.


Starting in January 2021 one of the upstream connections to the Easy Tune Community Store Overrides repository hosted on GitHub started requiring TLS 1.2 for all connections. Easy Tune version 1.x releases are unable to cope with this, so you will see errors upon attempting to load tuning packs. Easy Tune version 2.x releases are better able to cope with disconnections and allow you to use any tuning packs in your local store.


Easy Tune v2.0.1.0 introduces TLS 1.2 support and so upgrading to a release after will resolve this issue. Version 2 releases do differ in their entitlement to version 1 releases. Notably tuning pack entitlements as detailed here and telemetry introduction as detailed here. Please do check both of these articles to understand the implications of updating from version 1 to version 2.