Some unit monitors in tuning packs do not present all available overrides


When looking over tuning packs from certain management packs you notice that not all unit monitors contain all overridable properties.


Whilst all unit monitors have overridable properties for alert generation, not all unit monitors have alert generation configured by default. Easy Tune does not export the related overrides in this situation to show that this is the case. Taking the Microsoft.SystemCenter.2007 management pack and two Agent related unit monitors as an example:

The ‘No End to End Event for 30 Minutes (Warning Level)' monitor has not got all configurable alert overrides available when compared to the ‘Network Monitoring Timeouts’ unit monitor. If you compare the two in the SCOM console you can see that one has alerting configured (and is interactive) and the other doesn’t:


If you do wish to continue with applying such overrides to one of these monitors you can add the overrides manually to the tuning pack by adding the respective row. The easiest way would be to copy another row from the monitor and then adjusting the value and type columns to match the desired overridable property. These are valid overrides and Easy Tune will honor them when added to a tuning pack. However, you may see unexpected behavior from these monitors as you might be asking them to do something that they are not designed to handle.