Tuning Severity and Priority

As Severity and Priority are both properties of certain workflows, if these are exposed as overridable on a workflow, you will be able to find both of these in a Tuning Pack alongside other overridable properties:

Automatic tuning levels

Some customers have decided to automatically create tuning levels in their tuning packs based on logic around these properties using PowerShell scripts. Whilst the specifics vary highly depending on requirements, the basic process remains the same:

  1. Import the CSV

  2. Group each workflow into a PowerShell object (or hashtable, etc.)

  3. Add new tuning levels as properties to every object (for example using Add-Member)

  4. Loop through each object and set the desired overrides to these new properties using the desired logic

  5. Export the CSV again

  6. Create a new metadata file detailing the logic behind each new level

If using Easy Tune Enterprise and the PowerShell SDK you can also script the creation of the base tuning pack itself, fully automating the process.