Configure Outbound Notifications

An Outbound Notification connection is how you send your alerts out into the wider world, so this is the logical starting point when starting with Connection Center. When you select this menu item you will be taken to the Outbound Notification view as shown here.

This will look fairly bare, to begin with, however, you can remedy this by using the 'Add Connection' action.

Connection Actions

Add New Connection

This action starts the wizard to take you through adding a new connection. This will initially ask you what type of connection you would like to create and then take you through the individual steps required for the chosen destination type.

For detailed instructions on each type of connection, please see the more specific articles:

Modify Connection

The Modify Connection wizard is how you change the settings of the selected connection. Not all items of the configuration are available to each connection type for modification.

This re-creates the connection and may result in manual customisations/alert queues being lost as described in Troubleshoot Connection Center

Enable Connection

Provides you with a quick method of Enabling the selected connection if you do not want to change any other settings.

Disable Connection

Provides you with a quick method of Disabling the selected connection if you do not want to change any other settings.

Remove Connection

Deletes the selected connection after confirmation from the user.

View Events

When enabled each connection runs a connection check on startup and then periodically after that. The view events action takes you to a summary screen that provides you with the results of each test.

This action is the recommended first step in diagnosing any connection issues you may have. You can find further guidance on troubleshooting your connections here.

The View Events menu shows only connection check events. You may need to do additional troubleshooting to cover issues that occur outside of one of these checks.

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Configured Connections

Once you have configured a new connection using the 'Add New Connection' action, you will see your connections build up in the UI.

When you create new connections in the enabled state they will run a connection test at the start of their operation. In the case of REST API-based connections, these will run a test on startup, for webhook-based connections these will run when the first event is pushed through them. You will see these connections pass through varying states depending on where in the process they are currently:

The Connection Details pane will show you information relevant to the type of connection that you are currently looking at.

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Further Reading and Next Steps

If you are using a tool that supports it, an Inbound Notification connection is the next logical step.

Otherwise, for further reading at this stage we would recommend looking at the following:

Advanced Connection Center Configuration

Testing, Tips, and Tricks for Connection Center

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