System Requirements - Connection Center

SCOM requirements

  • SCOM 2012 R2 or later (along with supported infrastructure for that version of SCOM)

  • Cookdown Licencing Management Pack (distributed with Connection Center)

  • Internet connectivity between SCOM Management Servers and the system you are connecting to (directly or via a proxy)

  • Permissions to the system you are connecting to (EG ITIL role + access to ServiceNow store app for ServiceNow)

  • A minimum of an XGA resolution (1024x768) when using the console

    • Smaller resolutions aren’t supported but can work if using keyboard shortcuts for navigation


SCOM stores credentials for any service account in use and distributes these credentials securely to SCOM Management Servers of your choosing. This is done using SCOMs native RunAs accounts functionality, more info on how this works.

System Requirements for Destinations

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