What's new in Connection Center


Released on 2022-10-12 version (codename: Doombar) is the latest and greatest version of Connection Center. So you may ask what’s new in this release?

ServiceNow Object Connections

Use your SCOM objects to populate or enhance your ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Configuration Items (CIs) using the ServiceNow Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE). Making use of any management pack and SCOM object in your environment you can now sync anything that meets your organization’s CMDB schema.

Integrates with our ServiceNow Creation Rules to automatically match the correct CI to your raised incidents/tasks.

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ServiceNow App improvements

Accompanied by a new ServiceNow app (version 2.2.2) this release implements rate limiting for the inbound alert updates feature, some additional alert properties on Outbound alerts, and some small UI improvements.

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Inbound Maintenance Webhooks

Adding on to our Inbound Alert and Event webhooks you can now apply maintenance mode to computers from external sources using webhooks. This allows you to easily integrate maintenance mode into your automation or third-party monitoring processes either by starting maintenance mode or by querying if a maintenance mode is in progress.

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Inbound Alert Webhook State tracking.

Improving our Inbound Alert feature you can now automatically close alerts when a provided webhook payload matches user-defined criteria. Using the Liquid templating language to manipulate the input, this could be as simple as a payload property matching the text “Resolved” or something more complex such as a counter returning below a certain threshold.

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Inbound Alert Webhook Objects.

Also improving our Inbound Alert feature, you can now assign alerts to custom objects. Defined using CSV files or manually through the user interface, these basic objects can allow you to provide a bit more context to your webhook alerts. This is in addition to our webhook events feature which allows you to attach to existing SCOM objects.

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Further Reading

Should you require a breakdown of all the changes, or wish to see details of other versions, please take a look at the Connection Center Release Notes page. Interested in a different integration? Take a look at our Future Integrations page. If you’d like a demo or trial, please visit our main website.