What's new in Connection Center


Released on 2021-11-26 version (codename: Cosmo) is the latest and greatest version of Connection Center. So you may ask what’s new in this release?

Inbound Alert Webhooks

Raise alerts from any source that can utilize a JSON webhook! Most organizations have multiple monitoring tools and working out where a problem lies when crossing monitoring boundaries can be tricky. If your other tooling is able to send alert notifications via webhook, you can now raise an appropriate alert in SCOM to highlight the issue. But why stop there? This doesn’t have to be limited to monitoring tools! You could easily integrate other tools using PowerShell, Curl, Twilio, Logic Apps, and more!

Using the simple, yet powerful, Liquid template language you can store the data in the alert description or custom fields as you require. Optionally secured using SSL certificates and API keys you should be able to meet any requirement.

Inbound Event Webhooks

Should you need further customizations, we also build on the alert functionality with the ability to raise events with a JSON webhook. Dynamically use your data properties to associate these events with any object you can query for, and use SCOM native monitoring to create the monitors and rules that you need.

As with the Inbound Alert Webhook, you can use Liquid to manipulate the data and SSL/API keys to protect it on the way in.

Release Webinar (video)

Join Bruce and Nathan for a tour of the new features in an example integrating with Prometheus and AlertManager:

Further Reading

Should you require a more in-depth breakdown of all the changes, or wish to see details of other versions, please take a look at the Connection Center Release Notes page. Interested in a different integration? Take a look at our Future Integrations page. If you’d like a demo or trial, please visit our main website.